Essential Trace Minerals

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Essential Trace Minerals

What are essential trace minerals?

"Essential Trace Minerals" - also referred to as essential trace elements, are one of a group of minerals that are not only required but "vital" by men and women, boys and girls, for optimum health. Missing just one of the essential trace minerals can lead to a variety of health or medical problems.

The "essential trace minerals" daily requirements range from 50 micrograms to 18 milligrams per day, depending on the mineral.

Essential trace minerals act as catalytic or structural components of larger molecules in the body and have specific functions making them indispensable for life and optimum health.

Medical research over the past 25 - 30 years has identified six essential trace minerals whose functions were previously unknown. These six essential trace minerals include;


In addition to the long-known deficiencies of iron and iodine, signs of deficiency for chromium, copper, zinc, and selenium have been identified in free-living populations. Four trace minerals were proved to be essential for two or more animal species during the past decade alone. Marginal or severe trace mineral/element imbalances can be considered risk factors for several diseases of public health importance, but proof of cause and effect relationships will depend on a more complete understanding of basic mechanisms of action and on better analytical procedures and functional tests to determine marginal trace element status in man.


Essential Trace Minerals

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Essential Trace Minerals



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